As a juried member of the Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity, National League of American Pen Women-Diamond State  Branch,The Howard Pyle Studio and Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts, Michele enjoys experimenting with different mediums including oil and oil sticks, acrylic, mixed media and crayon. Each medium contains a different character which allows her to choose the one that will best express her artistic vision. She freely admits that "the nature of my work varies from time to time, from oil and acrylic to collage and mixed media" but stresses that "one thing always remains the same; my work always includes two of my favorite things, color and texture.”
   Lately Michele has been using collage on paper or oil sticks on board to create her new abstracts. She focuses on florals, seascapes, landscapes or figures, with “the idea to break down shapes using design and composition”. To achieve the richness and depth of her images, Michele says she “builds layers with color, and then (will) scrape, scratch, stamp” or otherwise expose the substrata of colors.
   Foster creates ethereal images that draws one’s attention and unleashes one’s imagination to ponder her layers of texture or stripped down areas in the painting. Regardless of the specifics, her color depth, compositional balance, and the surprising details within the image all work together to create an uplifting piece, containing a sense of life and energy.